The Liquids We Love

Though it’s far from the only thing that makes it into our glass, wine is most often our beverage of choice. We love wine because it is so many things to us and it calls upon all our senses. Wine is a gift from the earth, a magical substance swirling in our glass that fills our mouths and opens our minds to the charms of the world. Each wine speaks to us in a different way and tells us a unique story. Along the journey, this precious juice gets entangled with history, geography, culture, art, language, literature, chemistry, geology and so much more. Nothing transports you back to a time and place better than a memorable wine. You literally pour a memory and a piece of history into every glass! Most importantly, wine shouldn’t be about snobbery or flexing but about fun and discovering what you enjoy. All this tasty wine talk is making us thirsty again. Time to pop open a bottle and click the play button!

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