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Travels Uncorked is a passionate project about connecting with others through experiencing new destinations, enjoying excellent hospitality, indulging in epicurean adventures, and exploring wine regions around the globe. We’re living out our dreams of traveling and seeing the world, one destination at a time, serving our uncorked takes on luxurious travel, wine and dining escapades. We travel to gain further inspiration, documenting our adventures and sharing an inside look with you of our findings along the way.

This community is dedicated to travel addicts and winos everywhere who share our love affair with the gilded grape and are enamored with our wonderful world. We hope you enjoy these hand-crafted wine travel stories and find this resource as very inviting, well-balanced and that it uncorks smiles as opposed to any snobbery.

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Business and Travel Inquiries only, please

Want to get to know us better? We’d love to meet you too and share an experience, a meal, or even some wine! We’ve been described as very approachable, containing several layers of depth and having a memorable finish upon every swirl. You can connect with us in many ways. Send us a message on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or at hi@travelsuncorked.com or simply use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Work With Us

We travel extensively and welcome invitations to participate in press trips, winery and wine region tours, tastings, culinary experiences, and upscale accommodations. As part of our travels, we love to work collaboratively, helping to showcase beautiful destinations, uncovering hidden gems and partnering with some of our favorite brands to a loyal audience through vlogging, lifestyle photography and social media engagement. We are a trusted resource for upscale, wine-focused travel and our key message is that inspiration is found when journeying to the source.

Through insights from our extensive experience in the media industry, we also enjoy partnering with companies to advise and consult on branding, marketing, social media, and public relations strategy projects. We are open to industry events, brand ambassador/influencer work, sponsorship, product reviews, speaking engagements, podcasts, television, and co-branding.

Above all, we believe in working with partners who support our values.

Yes, we kindly accept wine, beverage, and food samples, lifestyle/travel gear, and apparel (including wine shirts) as well as other gifts. We believe that every submission is an opportunity to learn something new. Please refer to our Sample Policy with best practices for your successful submission.

Connect with us today for collaborations, co-marketing partnerships, and promotions by using the form and information below. Together, we’ll discover how we can blend our talents!

Sample Policy & House Rules

What We Accept:

Submissions and samples are warmly accepted as they offer opportunities for us to try and taste products that we might not have otherwise experienced. We kindly accept samples from wineries, wine, spirits, and beverage distributors or importers, food samples, as well as relevant products, merchandise, lifestyle/travel/wine gear, and apparel (including wine shirts) as well as other gifts you feel we may have an interest in based on our content for consideration.

Discovering new opportunities gets us excited! Therefore, we are also open to accepting sponsored travel, press trips, and invitations to review vineyards, wineries, restaurants, resorts, hotels, wine and beverage trade events, as well as travel destinations.

How We Review:

We make every effort to share something about the products we receive, however we cannot guarantee sending a sample will result in a review or post.

Reviews, shoutouts and content posts may appear on our Travels Uncorked YouTube channel, on a page of our Website, or on one or more of our social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Where the review is shared is up to our sole discretion based on if it provides value to our audience but we do promise to be honest with our opinions. We were taught that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all, so our intent is to spread the word about tasty beverages, culinary delights, destinations and experiences, not to bash the companies and people involved with them. Please note that we won’t create content about a wine or other product that’s obviously flawed by packaging, handling, or storage conditions. If you desire, you can choose to send two of every perishable, just in case one is not up to standard, we have a comparison sample. Gifts, samples, hosted events, and sponsored travel are always disclosed.

Specific Items to Note:

When sending us wine, other perishable products, or items with a high retail value, we encourage you to send us the tracking info for your shipment so that we can be sure someone will be available to sign for them. Just like you, we want them to survive the trip. Any supporting information about the product and its story is always greatly beneficial but not required. We recommend including information about the samples you’re sending, either within the shipment, or via email. If the sample is wine, spirits or food, we appreciate information about the maker of the product and any production notes, where the product can be purchased, and the suggested retail price of the samples. We will often video and photograph your samples so please be sure that there are no labels or stickers that will obstruct a clear image of them.

Mailing Address:

Uncorked Media Group
20701 N Scottsdale Rd #107-415
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

If you are planning to submit samples or are wanting to discuss a partnership, kindly email us at hi@travelsuncorked.com or complete the form here. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you, cheers!