You Know When You’re in Arizona Because it Feels Different

We weren’t born here. Most people who choose to call Arizona home nowadays weren’t. That speaks to the magnetism of world-class wonders and diversity of geography which showcase the unbridled beauty and raw romanticism of the American Southwest. We ourselves met, fell in love, and were married in Arizona. Among our favorite things about this wondrous state is the wine that is produced here. Much as Arizona is a relatively young state, so is its wine industry. But don’t let that fool you as the best Arizona wines will give you a sense of place and are likely to impress you with their caliber. The people who choose to make wine here are as passionate and as knowledgeable as any you’ll encounter. The Arizona wine trade has already accomplished a lot and yet, in many ways, it’s just getting started. Whether you’re an Arizona native or are planning to visit, here you’ll find an ever-growing collection of experiences and points of interest available to you in the Grand Canyon State.

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