Are Lodi’s Old Vine Zins going extinct? In this video, we’ll explore the controversy around Lodi’s Old Vine Zins that the region has become known for, and share a couple reasons why the amount of Old Vine Zinfandel vineyards in Lodi, California has been rapidly decreasing. Several grape growers in the area have recently found themselves forced to replace the old vines with new ones that can produce a higher yield (more grapes = more wine = more profits) and be planted more densely in trellised rows so the wine grapes can be harvested mechanically as opposed to being picked by hand, leaving some worried that Lodi’s most well-known wine could go extinct. However, some local winegrowers are determined to not let that happen.

What is considered an old vine in wine? Old vine wine is a product of grape vines at least 25 to 30 years old but diehards will tell you that Old Vine Zinfandel is any Zinfandel wine that is produced from vines that are at least 50 years old. It’s important to note that this age is an accepted standard and not an enforced one, so you may often find wines made from younger vines that use “Old Vine” for marketing purposes. Truly old vines in the Lodi, California area exceed 100 years in age, though those are becoming a rarity. Vine age is often considered an important aspect when purchasing investment-grade wine, as some wine enthusiasts believe an older vine results in a better wine. That’s because old vines usually produce more concentrated, structured, and elegant wines.

In this video, we’re exploring whether or not Lodi’s Old Vine Zins are going extinct. We visited Lodi, California to taste some of the best old vine zinfandel and to see if there was any truth to the rumors. On location in the Old Vine Zinfandel vineyards at Harmony Wynelands, we show the unique character of these old vines and consider what personalities each vine may have. Lodi is considered the Zinfandel capital of the world because its vineyards produce about 40 percent of the premium Zinfandel in California and because Lodi Zin has unique characteristics that appeal to aficionados and everyday wine drinkers alike.

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