The Corrales Wine Loop is a leisurely, winding drive near the Rio Grande River through the early Spanish settlement of Corrales where you’ll discover boutique, family-owned, and operated wineries with spectacular views of the Sandia Mountains located only 20 minutes for Downtown Albuquerque and 45 minutes from Santa Fe.

In this video, we share findings and tips from visiting three of the main New Mexico wineries along the Corrales Wine Loop; Acequia Winery, Pasando Tiempo Winery, and Corrales Winery. The first stop is at Acequia Winery, which is located at the owner’s homestead and has a patio with the most stunning views to enjoy wine with views across the Valley to the Sandia Mountains. Next, we share Pasando Tiempo Winery from their down-home tasting room and it’s easy to understand why “Pasando Tiempo” means “passing time,” with friends, family, and wine. Our third stop was the Corrales Winery, which features a lovely patio and lawn perfect for picnics overlooking a lush garden with spectacular mountain views. All three wineries specialize in finely crafted small quantities of rich, delicious wines showcasing New Mexico’s finest grapes.

New Mexico has the longest history of wine production in the United States. In 1629, a Franciscan friar and a Capuchín monk planted the first wine grapes in the Río Grande valley of southern New Mexico. Viticulture took hold in the valley, and by the year 1880, grapes were grown on over 3,000 acres, and wineries produced over 1,000,000 US gallons of wine.

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