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We’re Mary Ellen and Eric, a husband and wife team who share a passion for discovering enjoyable experiences in travel, wine, and food that create life-changing memories and lifelong relationships.

As avid travelers and wine connoisseurs that have traveled to over 1,000 wineries and vineyards in destinations around the globe, we had constant requests to share stories from our journeys and for real recommendations about how we planned our trips. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who had grown tired of generic content and lame advice! This led to a big idea (discussed over wine, of course). Instead of another bland site with broad generalities about only well-known places, our goal became to provide a valuable resource filled with fun and true takes shared from our own experiences both near and far.

From then on, we’ve focused on showing where the world of wine travel is but, more importantly, where it’s going. On every adventure, we set out to connect and shine a light on the people, places, and passions that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours – all while making sure to not take ourselves too seriously in the process.

We’re on a mission to help bring people closer together through traveling the world, drinking amazing wine, eating delicious food, and showing appreciation for what we’ve learned from others along the way. This channel is for travel lovers everywhere who have an open mind, an adventurous spirit, and a curious palate.

You’re invited to join us on this quest as we share ideas, insight, and inspiration for places and adventures throughout our wonderful world that are good to the last drop. Feel free to take a look around. Grab a seat, a glass (or two if you’d like), and make yourself comfortable. You’re amongst friends. Together, let’s eat, drink and travel well, getting “winederlust” along our way.






There’s no better way to be inspired by others than to go to the source and experience how they live, what they eat and drink, learn their history, what they value, cherish and take pride in.

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